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Do you dare disturb the universe?

- Adapted from T.S. Eliot

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We are looking for inspirational and badass founders with the ability to execute on their vision to define a market category. Founder qualities that excite us are tenacity, fluid intelligence, coachability, adaptability, obsessive drive and passion. We also look for signs of integrity and proactive, collaborative behavior. We want to see whether you can rock with our vibe.

Why? If we select your startup for investment, we are all in. We have the ability to provide follow-on funding, and have established connections with other investors for other sources of funding. Need more customers? Need a first customer? We leverage our network to provide real customers for our portfolio companies.

Our superpower is positioning founders to win their first contracts through government, education, and corporate purchasing initiatives aimed at elevating their success. We also provide operational and inspirational help for our portfolio companies. Need help in operations, back office, hiring, marketing ideas? Consider us a resource.


  • Industry agnostic
  • At least one undercapitalized founder with more than 10% equity
  • Pre Seed or Seed Stage
  • Advances socioeconomic prosperity


  • Be a Delaware C-Corp
  • Headquartered in the US
  • Have a minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Have a full-time founder
  • Have evidence of early market traction


  • The product needs FDA or other regulatory approval
  • The company is majorly capital intensive
  • The company is not nationally scalable
  • We can’t share your product with our kids
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